Balanced (XLR) CD player recommendations

Hi folks,
I’m looking for some balanced CD player recommendations that would match with my Krell KAV-300i intergrated. I had posted a question in the amps section several weeks ago regarding using balanced connection for the Krell—as I noticed a significant difference when connected via XLR on an NAD S500 CD player. The player was returned due to a fussy problem reading certain redbook cd’s, but the balanced connection was superior over rca. I’m now looking for another balanced player and I’m considering the following this far (as I’m not sure what else is out there). My budget is $550, but I may stretch it to $650 if needed. I’d like to find a matching Krell KAV-250cd/2, but they are hard to find. My speakers are Vandersteen 2c and cables are Kimber 4tc and PBJ interconnects. 

1. Creek CD53
2. Cambridge Audio 840c
3. Rotel RCD-991
4. Emotiva ERC-3
4. Krell KAV-250cd/2

I have a nearly New Rotel 1572 if you are interested in it. 
The Rotel has balanced outputs. I moved to a pure transport and outboard DAC. 
I owned a Primare CD31 player for about 6 months and was very impressed with the SQ and the build quality.
I think I paid about $650 for it used oh maybe 15 months ago.
It has looks that you will likely either love or hate though. Mine was silver and I thought it looked more upmarket than its price suggested.
Just a thought.
Oh, I had a Rotel rcd 990 for 20 years so the 991 should be a winner. 
just note there is a difference between a balanced design, and accepting XLR connectors...
Yes, that’s certainly so. In many years of experience, in runs shorter than 10 feet or so I’ve not heard a difference between them.  
I doubt you'll find a true balanced design at your price point unless it's pretty long in the tooth, at which point some of the mechanical parts may become a bit dodgey.
Not sure if the NAD S500 I had was true balanced or not, but when I compared it in real time going back and forth between xlr and rca, there was a significant difference. Mids were much fuller and the overall sound was more even and balanced. 
Even the pseudo balanced circuits appear to sound better as the voltage is higher. 
rca vs balanced connections: noise level would be lower, running a longer cables and better grip.  true balanced does offer better perfomance with a step up transformer built in the unit.   if the amp and preamp has the balanced connections then it’s highly recommended.  
Yes, there was an increase in volume. But what really shocked me was the fuller mids—which caused everything to be smoother, more neutral. The krell I’m using is an integrated, so no interconnects for a pre to deal with there. I’ve heard both sides of the argument. 
I'll relate my experience with Rotel RCD-991. Purchased ex-demo early 2000's. Vinyl was  my primary source at the time, so the Rotel served the purpose as secondary source.

Fast forward to 2011 after a break from Audio, decided to purchase a new Digital Spinner, the Rotel sounded like "A Piece Of Crap, to quote the great Neil Young. After sitting unused for three years or so, decided to get the RCD-991 upgraded by Burson, having read positive reports. They upgraded the Clock/Crystal & OPamps. The difference is staggering, the Rotel RCD-991, which was previously unlistenable now comes close to my Unison Research CDE, (using Balanced) the best CD Player I've experienced.
For Aus$350 parts & labour 3 or 4 year ago, the improvement is close to 2k worth in sound quality.

So can't recommend the RCD-991, stock, but if you have access to Burson or equivalent component upgrades, then definitely. Has been a reliable Player also.
Interesting... thanks for the info (initforthemusic).

So I’ve been looking over some of the players I listed and given bang-for-the-buck, I can get the following. 

1. Adcom GCD-750

2. Creek CD53

3. Rotel RCD-1570/1572

4. McCormack UDP-1

Confirmed the adcom has true balanced outputs. For the money, I’m considering the adcom. Is the Creek CD53 $110 better? Is the McCormack $250-$300 better? 
Which ones are still in production?
Which have replacement transports and lasers available...
Both good points although the latter is more relevant if your chosen cdp takes a dive after ownership.

Can it be fixed at fair price is always a consideration on used equipment.
Transport availability:
Not sure on the McCormack. Negative on the creek.
Yes to adcom.
Rotels are newest of the bunch, so I assume so.  

Realise you are on a restricted budget, but I'd personally advise against an older generation Player, unless the critical components can be upgraded. Every time I hear one of those older generation Players (stock), (and some were very expensive), they sound horrid, really fatiguing and poor dimensionality, micro/macro dynamics etc. Unlistenable, just poor musicality.
Good luck in your search.