Balanced XLR cables suggestions

I need balanced cables to connect my Integra Research RDC-7 to my Innersound ESL Amp/Home Theater Amp. Can you please recommend me what XLR I should use?

I want to spend the money with cables just once so I want the cable to be ok even if I decide to go with a more audiophile system, like 2ch dedicated system.
Empirical Audio Holophonics, I have tried them up against some pretty stiff and extremely expenive wire and these win hands down.
LAT International cables - check out their website. Direct sales will save you money. Go to for more reviews on cables.
Go with the Innersound balanced cable and don't look back.
Visit the website for Vantage Audio. These are the best interconnects I have had in my system. You will not regret purchasing these cables. The website is Contact Richard, he is very helpful and has great knowledge of equipment characteristics.

I'd second the Innersound. Fantastic value.
Thank you all. I didn't realized that Innersound made cables. I guess I will try the Innersound because of their very resenable prices and because I just love their amps (so I hope they have the same quality on cables).

Thanks again...