Balanced vs. Unbalanced Inputs

I am ready to purchase a 5 channel amp and would like advise on whether or not I should consider purchasing one with balanced ones. I mostly listen/watch dvd's and I am considering sherbourn and anthem. Going the unbalanced route saves me money on the amp.
Many of the so-called multi-amps with balanced inputs actually are not quite true 'balanced'. Don't waste your money, just go with rca inputs. Can't go wrong with Sherbourn, BTW.
I would expect to here a subtle improvment with balanced cable between the pre and amp. Are you going AES/EBU on the source? The fact that your pre has balanced out's tells me you have already commited to some nice gear. And from that I will assume you have purchased decent speakers. One can then conclude that you are running out of money fast. If possible see if you can demo an amp at home that has balanced outs. Even a balanced stereo amp connected to your main L/R might sway you one way or the other. Alot of people here are penny pinchers(I will get bashed for that one) and will stear you away from balanced. But I for one am looking forward to it on my next 5 channel amp though I can only use the front three channels with my current PRE.
You don't say if your source has balanced out's. If not then there's no point to an amp with balanced in's.

The benefit of balanced connections is increased noise rejection if (and a big if) all the equipment uses true balanced circuitry.

As has already been said - balanced connectors don't insure balanced electronics.
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