Balanced /Unbalanced Connection Help


I just took delivery of a Casablanca pre-pro and I have a question about how to hook up the L rear/R rear and sub.

Up til this time I've always used unbalanced connections and they only required a single ended cable. However with this new box I have three connections L/C/R that are either a balanced or single ended unbalanced, which is what I'm used to. But the other three connections have a balanced connection and two (one + one -) single ended connection's.

I'm confused because I want to use the unbalanced connections, but do I need to buy new cables that have a + and a - (one red one white) connection on one end and a single connection on the other to connect to my amp's?

Also how do I set up the sub? Curerently my sub is one cable out of my pre-amp to my Sunfire sub.

This is probably a stupid question, but I'm actually pretty smart most of the time?

Please help me understand!!!

Congratulations. The Casablanca is a nice piece of equipment. Do you have the user's manual? It describes the connections very well.

It looks like you have the standard balanced DAC. A balanced output has two phases but a RCA single ended output has only one. Usually, when you convert a balanced output to a RCA you will only use the positive phase but Theta provides you with both so you have a choice. You can just use the one marked with + and ignore the other.

I don't know what sub you have and what you are trying to do. Normally, I would by-pass the sub's crossover (if your sub has that feature), connect the sub input to the sub output of the Casablanca, and just use the crossover from the Casablanca. The Casablance's crossover is very flexible. Don't waste it.