Balanced tube preamps w/ remote to consider?

Seriously considering the ls-26 since it is right around my price point. My first pick would have been the atma-sphere mp-1 had it not been the price tag. What preamps can be considered from arc, bat, vtl, cary, etc.
The aesthetix calypso would have been considered if it wasn't for the price of the exotic tubes that are required to make it sing.
The amps are atma-sphere m-60, simaudio w-5 and conrad johnson premier 4 as back up.
Pedrillo, I want to understand, a used Aesthetix Calypso is about 22-2400 USD and the two 12ax7/ECC83s and two 6922/6dj8s at best might cost about 400 more with a little smart shopping. And the fact is with these signal tubes and this preamp, they may last your life time. This is an outstanding value IMHO. What is your price point?

I have had the Aesthetix Calypso and Rhea for nearly four years now and paired with Atma-Sphere amps, and I would do it again, in a heart beat. I could not recommend these components more highly. I cannot speak for you or your money and would not be so presumptuous, yet I look at these components and their relative value as long term investments in our musical enjoyment and if I had twice or three times their value in my hand right now, I would spend it the same way. My point is only that far too many audiophiles seem to think and act short term, I would only want to know that this will not be your plight.

I realize this doesn't answer your question as you ask for it, it's just a different point of view that appears to be along the lines of what your ears were telling you anyway. At any event, best wishes.

Happy Listening!
What about a Joule Electra LA-150 mkll with Purist wire upgrade on the GoN for $2850. I've owned the Calypso, fun to roll tubes in but always a little lean sounding in my system (because of the Wilsons?). I auditioned the ARC LS-26, probably should have given it longer to settle in, It was very dynamic but without "body" to the sound (less than the Calypso). At the time I elected to stay with the Calypso!!! I'm sure the Joule won't cut any meat from the M-60's presentation where the others might. Worth a look!
Pedrillo sorry its SE!!! My bad!
In the long run your best value would be to save up for the Atmasphere that you really want.

How about a "pre-owned" Atma MP-1? Or, a pre-owned BAT? I've heard Atma-Sphere gear and listen to a full BAT rig...either, I believe, represent quality sound from quality companies that have a favorable track record and will be around for future support.

FWIW any older Atma-Sphere MP-1 can be optioned with the remote.
As a former Atma-Sphere MP-3 owner and current Aesthetix Janus owner I heartily recommend the Calypso. I have two audio buddies that also own the Calypso and they are very pleased. Jim Mcshane can help with tube selection, good advice and real world prices.
Another happy Calypso owner. I've tried the BAT VK30 & Joule LA-150 Mk II, and prefer the Calypso by a wide margin. Noe: Tube selection is critical... I use white label Amperex 6922's & Mullard CV-4004's.
Pedrillo, Just a note on Calypso preamp tube compliment, I'm currently running a pair of RCA 5751 black plate triple mica and a pair of Telefunken 6DJ8. The 5751 have a little less gain (3db?) than the 12AX7 (I've run lots of old stock 12AX7s) but much quieter, they have a huge midrange with nothing lacking at either end, and the preamp has plenty of gain. Could not be happier.

Happy Listening!
So Pedrillo... what do you think?
R f sayles,
I was interested in the calypso but never got swayed into buying it here. I recently picked up a used audio experience a2se and am loving it. Some day I would love to compare the two in my system.