Balanced Tube Preamps I Should Try

I am looking for a balanced tube preamp to mate with either my Pass X-250 or Sim Audio W-5 amps. I think the amps sound better using the balanced inputs. I would like a tube preamp with remote control if I can find a very good one. Price range would be $5K retail.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
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McIntosh C2200. Amazing preamp. There are many previous threads where it is discussed. As a bonus to the sound, it has every feature you could want and most of them are on the remote. I will get one one day. It will deliver the tube sound you are looking for. Let us know what you decide. Arthur
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The Mcintosh C2200 is not fully balanced, but it is, as Aball stated, an outstanding preamp. I've had it for about a year now and just won't let it go. A recent issue of Hifi+ gave it rave reviews. They honestly did not expect much (Mcintosh, lawyers and dentists...), but were extremely impressed calling it the most fun they've had in a long time.
Yes, it is true, the C2200 isn't fully balanced. You need the C200 for that but it is more than $5000 and not tubed. I guess there aren't many balanced tubed preamps afterall. Arthur
You have limited choices. BAT, Sonic Frontiers, Supratek are the few that come to mind. Personally I wouldn't get a tube preamp that has both balanced inputs and outputs.
Truly balanced preamps are always push-pull configuration. Most people will prefer a SET preamp.
No remote, but the Atma-Sphere MP-3 offers superb performance. It has balanced inputs and output.
I agree on the above recommendations for the MAC C2200, it's a fantastic preamp. You may also want to check out an ARC LS5 MKIII, it's another great fully balanced preamp.

Good Luck!

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Supratek is an outstanding tubed pre (says the new and happy owner), but none of the circuits are balanced. Mick will build them with XLR connectors, but it basically would be the same as using an adaptor. BAT would be my recommendation. Remote is an option on these, so check that out. The VK5i would be a great choice. One available now for about $1.750, which leaves plenty of $ for good NOS tubes. It uses 8 6922s and 2 (I think) 5881. Tube life is very good, 10,000 hrs estimated.
You should look at a used BAT VK50SE. I have seen them on this site for around $4000.00. I have owned mine for about three years and is the only piece I have not sold off for something else. The 50SE is upgradable if you decide to do so in the future. One of the very best sounding pre amps out there bar none!!! Good luck
Swampwalker - The Supratek XLR outputs are balanced, meaning each XLR output transmits two phase signals. But the preamp is not considered a balanced design.
I'll second the Sonic Frontier Line 3 in "regular" or "Special Edition". Excellent preamp, fully balanced, great remote, HT throughput (if that's important to you), and very well made. Retail from $5k + , used Agon from $2.5k + .
There is a VAC Renaissance for sale right now. It is a true differential balanced input and output. Each input is selectable for single ended or balanced with a toggle switch. The balanced inputs can be utilized even if the source is not a true balanced output. The remote control has volume, mute, and source utilizing motorized switches. If you are tired of hiss and hum and want dead quiet this preamp is for you. The build quality is outstanding plus it's a very eye catching piece. Check the review in Stereophile of the Signature version as I feel it applies equally to the standard version. When I purchased mine, I was expecting maybe something like a 20% improvement over my previous Audio Research preamp but I got like 100% better. This is an outstanding preamp.
You might want to consider the new Aesthetix Calypso which has both balanced & unbalanced (RCA) inputs and outputs. It should be on the market very soon if not available now. It comes with a remote control and is CDN $6,500 which should equate to around US$4,750 or there abouts.

EAR 864 also offers balanced & unbalanced inputs and outputs in addition to the ones mentioned above (Atma-Sphere, Audio Research, BAT.

Bigkidz, if your still using the pass x pre, may I ask what your goals are by changing to tubes? Perhaps this is unnecessary, but please remember the somewhat low impedance load of the Pass amp when considering some tube pre's that may have higher ouput impedances, the SF is unuusally low for a tube pre in that regard.

I am looking to change the midrange to sound more alive. I have been using a pair of Talon Raven-C speakers and they seem to be too revealing with the Pass preamp, maybe too much of a good thing.
I've heard the Khorus Xs on a friends system with Pass X350. He has used Cary SLP98 and First Sound preamps to great success in that system.
I've been using a BAT VK-31SE with an X350 and it is a very good combo. I would highly recommend a BAT.