balanced to unbalanced connection

I have Channel Island monoblocks which only have XLR connections and a preamp which only has phono outputs. What do people think is the best way to connect them. Do I use a XLR to phono adapter at the amp end. A XLR to phono adapter at the preamp end? Do I use a balan at the preamp end? Or should I just cut end of a phono interconnect and solder on an XLR. At the moment I made up a couple of cables mostly out of stuff I had lying around. The runs are only about 18" but I do worry about emissions from the class D monblocks, the satellite receiver and the TV in the area.
I would try to convert the output to balanced by using a balancing transformer from Jensen.
You can use a tranny as Rwwear suggests. Since you diy yr cables I suggest you try out a rca-xlr cable and check if there's noise. If there isn't any, forget the trannies.