Balanced SUT, what's available?

Currently I have ASR mini Basis that I use with Dyna XV-1s along with Ortofon SPU100 SUT with excellent result. I placed an order for ASR Basis Exclusive awhile ago and now my dealer told me to wait a little while for ASR anniversary model. I have no idea what's the difference between 2010 model and anniversary model is. Anyhow, since ASR recommends using balance phono cables for best performance. I plan to try my Ortofon SUT in single end mode vs balance mode without SUT into Basis Exclusive and see what happen. I also am curious about using balanced SUT. (Mini Basis midrange was a tad dry and lean and I prefer the added richer, mellower sound of Ortofon SUT). So far I find Technical Brain has a balanced SUT but with no information on price or data such as impedance etc so have no idea how it might match my cartridge. I assume that it suppose to work with wide variety of cartridge since Technical Brain phono only has 40dB gain so I expect most people who use Technical Brain phono would need its SUT for any MC cartridge.

Anyhow, does anybody has more information regarding this SUT or any other balanced SUT?
Suteetat, in fact almost all SUT - no matter what manufacturer - are balanced by nature and design. Its just that most are mounted and sold with cabinets featuring unbalanced RCA input/output jacks to accommodate wider usage and customer demand. You can add balanced jacks to most any better SUT and use it in balanced mode.
Thanks for your response. If this is true, then it should not be difficult at all to change RCA jacks to XLR jacks for both input and output of SUT then. Hmmm.. I need to find somebody who knows how to do that. I wonder, would that in anyway affect impedance of SUT?
Do check with the websites of Lundahl and K+K Audio, Sowther, Jensen or Tamura. You'll find lots of schematics for various SUTs and will see that most all of them are balanced by nature and fairly easy to change from RCA to XLR. Do browse some of the Audio Asylum or other DIY-sites for easy to follow description on how to do.
Check with Jeffrey Jackson of Experience Music. He can put together a set of balanced SUTs for you - using Intact Audio iron - some of the best iron there is.

Also, check with John Chapman of Bent Audio. John has recently adopted Intact iron as his iron of choice.

Both of them are top-notch fellows whom I know and like. I'd be hard-pressed to favor one over the other, although Jeffrey's business model more oriented to doing "one-offs" than John's is.

Disclaimer - I know both of them well, but am in no way involved in their business.

Thom @ Galibier
Check out Bob's devices. He'll build one with XLR connectors upon request.

Thanks all for advise. I will check out all the places recommended.
The new Ypsilon can be had with balanced connections. that said I got a unbalanced one. I am not sure that I see the point of a balanced phono anything.

btw the Ypsilon is a truly excellent SUT and available in several gain/impedance. It also has loading plugs to make that job much easier. Mine is starting to sing!

Thanks for the tip on Ypsilon. I have been looking at it for awhile but there is no local dealer here. However, I will be in Hong Kong next month and there is a dealer there so I will see if I can audition it. Have you compare it to other SUT?
You can wire your transformer (all transformers are inherently balanced) with RCA jacks. Just make sure that they are insulated from the chassis. My arm is wired balanced with RCAs because the arm is hard wired and XLRs will not fit through the mounting hole. I wouldn't want to unsolder jacks every time that I needed to pull the arm. Besides my phono pre has RCA inputs, switchable between balanced and grounded. It's not the jacks that make something balanced or not, it's how they are wired.
I have two other SUTs. A Shure Bros. and a Beyerdynamic. Both are NOS microphone trannys.
The Ypsilon is much quieter, more dynamic,faster, and has more inner and outer details.
I have not heard a Bent TX or a Coincident. These would most likely be the most competitive and are closer to the Ypsilon.

It has brought my system into another realm.