Balanced- single ended

Well,here's my situation and I hope some of you gearheads out there can give me a little direction. Hope to have this system up and running soon, but have cabling issues.
Source is SCD-1 with VSEI level 5 upgrade-true balanced out(with only XLR out for enhanced signal)- going to Supratek Sauvignon linestage (balanced)- to unbalanced active crossover by Linkwitz Labs. From there signal is split to Butler 5150 for 4 subwoofers (unbalanced), Tenor 75wp monoblocks for midranges(balanced), and McIntosh MC275 for the tweeters(balanced). Speakers are Linkwitz Lab Orion (homebuilt). I must use the XLR connections from the SCD-1 to the linestage, and want to use the XLR out from the linestage to the crossover(adapting to RCA at the input to the crossover). Downstream of the crossover I'll stay RCA. My question is if I wire my XLR interconnects as unbalanced, which pins get which signal, and which is left unused? Probably an elementary question for many of you. I do appreciate anyone taking the time to enlighten me.
It all depends on the configuration of your equipment. You must determine if pin 2 or pin 3 is the positive. Then the XLR to RCA cable can be made. It will use the phase correct (positive) signal and positive on the single ended side and shunt the phase reversed(negative) to ground. Your owners manual will let you know the correct pin outs.
Sony uses pin 3 hot which is the European standard.