Balanced SET Amplifier

Does anyone make one that affordable? A quick and dirty google only brings up the Lamm ML series which is too expensive. Is there any reason why one wouldn't make one?
The XLR inputs of the Lamms are for convenience - to save an owner the expense of new IC's - and not for balanced operation. By definition, single-ended-triode (SET) operation involves amplifying the entire signal with only one output device. A balanced circuit cannot be built this way, but I guess one can always install a shorted XLR input. Why don't most SET's have XLR inputs? Maybe it has to do with the tradition or purist angle.
Most of the Melody amplifiers have balanced in puts and some of them are SETs.
Maybe this is an opportunity to think outside the SET box. Wyred 4 Sound digital amps are sonic knockouts, energy efficient, and very reasonably priced.
I'm lusting for an SET amp and Zu Presence or Devore Gibbon Nines but my phonostage is balanced. One of the Zu guys used the Melody 300B monoblock but in push pull. The Melody line looks promising and well priced.
Are your looking for a balanced amplifier, or a balanced integrated preamp/amp? You mention that your phonostage is balanced. Don't you need a preamp between your phonostage and the amp(s)?
I only listen to vinyl so I use stepped attenuators with no preamp. I would ideally be looking for 8 to maybe 20 amps in SET. It needs to be balanced, ideally truly dual differential not just single ended with XLR connectors.
The Atma-Sphere amps are triode and fully differentially balanced. They are extraordinary amps and possess the immediacy, purity and accuracy of tone, transparency, and bandwidth that makes music sound right to my ears. For the money, the stereo S-30 and mono M-60's would be an incredible match with the Zu's.

Good luck!