Balanced Preamp Recommendations?

I am thinking about Audio Research, Bat and Sonic Frontiers but thought I should check to see if anyone can recommend other contenders
Audio Research made a balanced version of their LS-3 ss pre amp. I've seen these for sale used for about $800. I have a non-balanced LS-3. For the money, it's hard to beat. (For what it's worth, the LS-3 was a Stereophile class A pre amp.)
For a bit more Sonic Frontiers make the most neutral, and well be units I have come across. Line One and Two's are great values at $1250 to $2000, new, or are nearly new. I love the glorious milled aluminum remote, and wonderful soundsatge. I believe this is a can not go wrong with pre, and so does Stereophile. Good luck
It would be your loss to not audition the Bryston BP25. The sound is smooth, open, detailed, with deep and solid bass, realistic soundstage and clear imaging. Some cool features for a minimalist design, plus a 20 year warranty. Don't bother with the BP20--it sounds hard and closed-in by comparison.
you should indicate your budget amount!
Balance Audio Tech 30SE or 50SE
Hi Otis, Like the post above says, give the Bat50se or 30se an audition in your system. Good luck, Tom
Audio Research Reference 2 is the best preamp I have ever heard.
I have heard rumors that the Audio Research LS-25 is coming out in a MKII version that is supposed to be capable of performance like the Ref. 2 at the 5K price point. I own a LS-25 of the original version and it is pretty impressive.
Check out the BAT vk5i. It's a good deal at the price.
I listened to a Conrad Johnson, Ayre, and several BATs. In the end I fell in love with the BAT VK-30. Delicious sound. Loved it so much I decided to match it with the VK-200 amp. Omigod - what a combo. Plus the user interface and control/flexibility is amazing. Finally, Victor Khomenko is so much the consummate gentleman, it is incredible. He always answers my phone calls, returns emails, and provides excellent advice. He is so polite and knowledgable that it is a pleasure to support his company and then to tell people about it. I am one happy dude.
If it's not out of your price range, have a listen to the BAT VK50SE. I owned ARC SP-11 for years, and recently auditioned a ARC REF1. Then a friend bought a BAT VK50. I was hooked, and bought the VK50SE. It's breaking in now! Sad thing was the 50SE was not synergistic with my Classe M-1000 monoblocks. I dug out my old trusty Levinson ML3, and there was the magic! Good luck!
Hi Beemer, Make sure you break in the 50se for a LONG time. After 200 hours or so the 50se really starts to breathe and opens up. I noticed at first it sounded too controlling. It didn't seem to let go of the notes or rather the bloom surrounding the notes was lacking especially in the bottom end. The upper octaves also improve dramatically becoming less forward and take on a airy quality as the break-in unravels. When it reaches its full potential it is truly magical! What a great piece!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Good luck, Tom