Balanced preamp recommendation : w4s, hegel, parasound

Hi all,

I'm looking to change my audio Gd nfb1amp preamp for one with a real HT bypass (plus xlr input, 2 RCA inputs, RCA and XLR outputs...).

The power amp is a Nord Ncore 500.
I've found 3 candidates under 1500$ (used ones) :

- wyred4sound Mpre : great reviews a few years ago but very ugly
- hegel P20 : very few reviews, looks solid
- Parasound P7 : swiss army knife. Musical enough?

What are your views on these devices ? Is there other good choices for the same price ?
I prefer neutral/ warm sound than bright one.
I made some researches on the forum, I live in Europe so many brands are unavailable in my country (or too much custom taxes).
I saw the Schiit Freya, it hasn't real HT bypass, it's too bad, very affordable.

I'm using an Ayre K1xe    highly recommended
I've never heard about the emotiva xsp1...interesting

Any thoughts about the audio gd master 1 versus the others (mpre w4s, parasound p7, primare pre32...)?
+1, @stringreen,  I also recommend the OP consider one of the Ayre Acoustics pre-amps.  Please see:

There are six Ayre pre-amps for sale on Audiogon at several different price points.