Balanced Power Tech vs Blue Circle Music Ring


I have narrowed my power choices down to these two units. I am going to get the 2400 watt version. I am looking for opinions of experienced users of either of these products and what you liked/disliked and if you found the investment worthy.

Thanks in advance to any responses.

I have the Music Ring MR1200 in my system for about two weeks now, and it is well worth the money. However do set your expectation realistically, it is only a power conditioner and will not transform your system into something else.

If you like listening to your system after mid-night, with all lights turned off, then the MR1200 can give you better than "mid-night performance" all day long. The noise floor is extremely low, and the presentation of the music is more relaxed. It removed most of the harshness that is left in my system, and I really enjoy playing some dynamic tracks in high volume. You can say the sound is a bit sweeter. I plug everything into it, including the power amp, speakers is Totem Forest:
Sony SCD-777ES
Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS
Conrad Johnson Premier 11A
I have the Music Ring and love it. A long time ago I tried another power conditioner and the results were horrible. The Music Ring does not alter the sound. It provides that "Sunday night sound" that I was looking for; quiet background allowing subtle details to come through. And apparently you can leave your components on all the time and just use the Music Ring to turn them all off and on at the same time. This is nice as some of my components have the ON switches on the back. I'm using a BC62 power cord with the Music Ring. I have not tried the Balanced Power unit.
Hi, I`ve had the BP2.5 for about a year now the 2400 watt power condition DID transform my hometheater system. It was the the single best investment I`ve ever made as it helped everything. My Sony XBR had blacker blacks and a sharper picture. My speakers which are 10 and 15 years old suddenly sound better than they did new with a wider, more defined soundstage. The ground noise literally disappeared giving my speakers a cleaner midrange and my subwoofer a more defined bass. I would recommend this power conditioner to anyone interested in discovering how good their system can really sound. JMO, of course. Robin