balanced power for surrounds

Looking to find a 2way or 4way balanced amp for surrounds in a 5.1 setup, 7.1 down the road.

Processor is Arcam AVp700, front three speakers are ATC SCM-10 active, and eventually i hope to round that out with two for the rear as well, but until then I need to find some reasonably priced balanced power for Gallo d-avia ti surrounds.

Thanks for your suggestions for "best bang for my buck".
Do you mean an amp with "balanced inputs" or an amp with "balanced circuitry". You can find B for your B in the first category, not in the second.
you've lost me a bit there - I am looking to get an amp that has balanced inputs so that I can use balanced xlr cables from the balanced outputs of my surround processor.

Looking for a 2-channel amp but may end up wanting more, but i don't mind the idea of buying a number of 2-channel amps, instead of a 5 or 7 channle amp. (this is looking forward to the possibility of getting rid of my powered speakers).


(any links that can educate me on the diff. between "balanced inputs" and "balanced circuitry"?)
Well, all amps with balanced circuitry, like most of the Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) some Audio Research, and other more expensive lines, have balanced inputs to take advantage of their balanced circuit design. But many less expensive amps (especially these days) have balanced inputs to take advantage of the noise rejection of balanced (XLR) interconnects, especially if you want to have long IC runs in order to keep the amps near the speakers, which is the best way to do it IMO.

Manufacturers' websites (like BAT and others) describe the nature of balanced circuit design.
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Bryston makes amps with balanced (and single-ended RCA - switchable!) inputs. For used equipment, check out the 3B-ST, 5B-ST, and 8B-ST for 2, 3, or 4 channels for what I consider good bang-for-buck. Your budget may differ. They are all 120 WPC into 8 ohms. The "ST" series is one generation old, the "SST" series are the latest if you want new, but there is no 3-channel or 4-channel version at that power level in the new line. I have a 5B-ST in my home theater system.
Another thing (amazing!) about all Bryston gear, is it comes with a twenty year, unconditional, TRANSFERRABLE warranty.
Thanks for this - all good information.