Balanced power compatabilty census

I have run across some equipment that does and does not work well with balanced AC. I thought this forum might help others, if supported. In my case, I used 5KVA transformer and one piece of gear at a time.

If you are unfamiliar with "balanced AC", it refers to 60 volts +/- as referenced to ground and hot/neutral are 180 degrees out of phase. Normal (North America) power from outlets is 120V on hot leg only. Equi=Tech, Balanced Power Tech. and DIY projects convert single phase to dual phase with the "promise" of reduced noise. In some cases, sonic improvemnt can be more than just reduced noise. In other cases, the grounding scheme of the equipment may not be compatible. Don't jump to conclusions that because one experience or model worked or didn't, that it reflects on the brand or type.

Genesis Stealth amp did not work properly but I suspect problem is due to active x-over.

Plinius SA100 mk3 worked better but no better than simple isolation.

Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 loved it and had immediately noticeable improvement.

Manley Snappers sounded compressed with balanced AC. Odd for differential amp.

I have yet to try with sources which have separate isolation.

Does anyone else have have positive or negative reports?

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I have a Furman 20 amp balanced line conditioner run off a 20 amp dedicated line.In it are plugged my pre,turntable,sub, cd player.The noise floor is lower than straight into the wall.I did not like my power amps (Classe DR 8 mono)done this way. They sound better into a Hydra 2 and another dedicated 20 amp line.The sound of the amps in the balalnced conditioner was too rounded off and lacked some life which could be the result of the power conditioner's transformer robbing some life from the amps.Perhaps lower powered integrated amps would benefit more when plugged into this unit.I have no hum, or noise problems,so I feel a balanced power conditioner is useful.