Balanced Power

Currently, my set-up for power is:
wall outlet → Nordost Qbase power strip → balanced power conditioner → audio components

Considering reconfiguring to:
wall outlet → balanced power conditioner → Nordost Qbase power strip → audio components

Naïve question: Would putting the Nordost Qbase power strip after the balanced power conditioner - somehow undo the balanced effect?

I wish to keep the Nordost Qbase in-line since it significantly improves the audio quality. Since the space behind my rack is extremely tight, it will take considerable effort to reconfigure all of the cabling. I’m trying to anticipate any downsides. Thx.

No expert here but I don't think you can take the balanced AC and turn it back to unbalanced. Basically you're just adding another connection. 
Almarg, Eric and Ralph (Atmasphere) would know for sure though.
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