Balanced Passive ""Preamps"--any recommendations?

I currently have a Reference Line 1b passive linestage driving monoblocked Bel Canto eVo 200.2s into Von Schweikert VR-4s. I'm using balanced interconnects throughout the system, so any replacement has got to be balanced. Has anyone heard the Bent Audio passive preamps or any other balanced passives? Thanks. Jamie
positive the balanced version placette rvc would better your current unit.
The Carver research lightstar direct recieved excellent reviews when it was in production. Stereophile class A when run passive (balanced), if that is worth anything. I've used the RCA inputs and balanced output with excellent results. Also has advantage of remote control.
My experence has been that passive pre-amps have an alluring quality of resolution, but, lack the dynamics of live music, hence, lack the "toe-tapping" quality I enjoy. I would suggest re-auditioning a powered pre-amp in your system. (Just my two cents)
The Bent Audio products are great - highest recommendation. John is a superb fellow to deal with, and the prices are such a steal - much value to be had there. I will likely get more from him, I already got the components to make a killer phono stage, and also considering a passive pre as well. I've heard the TAP unit and also the NOH, both are excellent, I'd probably go for the NOH personally.

Thanks for the answers, guys, particularly Ed's, sice he knows the Bent Audio. Anybody heard the Sonic Euphoria? I read the write-up in 6moon.scom and it sounded good. albeit pricier than Bent Audio.
I have had both the Bent and the Audio Consulting Silver Rock passives. In my system, there was no comparison. The Silver Rock is the best preamp I have ever had. Total transparency, solid bass, a marvel. Obviously, system matching is very important with passive preamps and in my system the Bent, while very transparent and lovely, had no bass at all. Could very well be different in other suystems. The Silver Rock on the other hand even compared favorably with the VTL 7.5 which I just parted with, also a great pre, but ultimately, the Silver Rock still rules! I only wish I hadn't sold it! The Silver Rock comes in a balanced version.