Balanced or SE inputs?

I've been looking at amps and preamps, and some of the units don't have both available. First off, not sure what they are other than connections, and is one preferable to the other. I've seen some people really like the SE inputs, but balanced sounds so much more, let's say "BALANCED" and by golly, why wouldn't you want "balanced" sound. How about a little enlightenment. Thanks.
there have been a number of threads on this topic, at least one of which began within the past couple of weeks. try searching for them.
Briefly, I have found balanced connections to be most noticably superior in longer runs such as between pre-amp and amp(s). There is less noise. In short runs such as between components there may be little benefit over SE and indeed some may prefer the latter which can sound a little livlier.
I just ordered transformers this week on the advice of the Plinius service center. They asked me to try it and see what improvements I get. The transformers will supposedly make the most of my balanced Wadia into my single ended Plinius integrated. At this point it is an experiment, as I havn't received them yet. I do know that these transformers are used by Jeff Rowland in some of their equiptment. They are in a box that can be configured differently. Mine will have balanced input and RCA out, and go between my cd player and amp. I will need to use two sets of interconnects though. It sounded too interesting to pass up. I will post again when I hear the results.
Try to use balanced connections if possible as it will definately result in less noise.
Like you said "balanced sounds more balanced". If you can't here the difference go with the cheapest route.