Balanced or not for interconnect

Is there an advantage to using balanced interconnect cables between the tuner/preamp/switch box, etc. and the amplifier? The run is 10 feet.
For a ten foot run, the distance is not an important feature (and distance is a big reason to use balanced).
The main thing is HOW the balanced signal is created, and used at the amp.
IF the balanced signal is an integral part of the source, then use it. If the preamp is just using an op amp to create the second half of the signal, and the preamp is just single ended, then it all depends on the quality of that transformation, and any cheaper electronics are going to have a cheap op-amp to do that. Then the amp. Does it use the balanced signal? or just turn it back into a single ended as soon as it hits the circuit boards inthe amp?
So the balanced outputs/inputs, (being used for it's advertising bling).. is not a good idea in products which turn a single ended signal into a balanced one, just to have the reverse done at the far end, at the amp.
IF you had a really long run, say 40 ft.. the gain vs the loss might make it worth while. But in general, for a short run of ten feet it all depends on how your electronics produce, and use the balanced signal.
So.. If you have to buy a new cable anyway.. go ahead and try a balanced cable. But is you have a RCA cable already, you do not need a balanced cable.
Then the old saw: only you can hear whether it makes a difference.
I use a balanced cable for a 25 ft run from my pre to amp. But am thinking of trying a single ended cable (If I can fine one cheap) just to see if it makes a difference.
Recently I did a comparison between rca and xlr Nordost Frey ic's in my system. If I 'squinted' or really listened carefully I noticed a slightly better sound stage with the xlr's. That being said that wasn't enough to make my decision to buy them. Instead I bought the rca's because the gain was higher than I cared for. To clarify with the xlr's my max volume was approx 9:30 where with the rca's I can go to approx 11:00 for the same loudness. My cables are 1 meter.
IME, I would not sweat a 3M run of single-ended (rca) cables. If I had over a 5M run, I would probably try and use balanced cables. However, as Elizabeth states, it really does depend on the driving capability of your preamp, as well as on the susceptibility of your location to RFI. Use shielded rca cables and don't worry about it if the result sounds good. OTOH, if your gear is all fully balanced, then balanced cables are a no-brainer. I have fully balanced monoblocks, which only have balanced inputs, but my best sound has come from using single-ended preamps. Jensen makes input transformers that you can put just in front of your amps to convert single-ended to balanced and, in my system, they work great with no noticable sonic penalty.
I like balanced because of hum cancellation and the 6db increase in volume.
Other than the added expense, and all other things being equal, balanced is better.