Balanced Input A/B Switch

I have two balanced components but only one input on my
preamp - is there an A/B switch device where I can input
two XLR components and output only one at a time into the preamp?
There might be, but my concern is that you compromise overall sound quality by adding the switching device and another connecting cable. Wouldn't surprise me that system would sound much better with the less critical source connected single ended and only a single balanced cable to the more critical source.
I agree with Alexanderj. There are balanced-to-single-ended connectors out there, you may want to consider that instead of adding a switch box to the chain. ATB, Jeff
ljgj: you don't say whether the single pair of xlr inputs on your pre are analogue or digital. i assume they are analogue, since there aren't a whole lot of pre's with digital in/out. (if the input is digital, it should be used, of course, only for digital sources.) in either event, i'd use the xlr's for the most critical piece in your electronics chain--a dac or cdp--and use single-ended on less critical components, e.g., a tuner. as numerous threads have already pointed out, the xlr input probably won't offer any sonic advantage over single-ended unless you are using it to connect a fully balanced component and the pre itself is balanced. my guess is that your pre has the xlr inputs for convenience and is not likely fully balanced. --kelly