Balanced Connections on the AA Capitole MKII CDP

Has anybody compared the single ended vs balanced outputs on this player? How are the balanced outs implemented on this player? Thanks for your help.
One more question: Is the Capitole MKII using a truly balance circuit?
I was told that it is truly balanced...however I've read a post here somewhere stating that a Cap user has used both and they had similar gain from single ended as balanced so I can't say I'm sure.
balanced output is wired to European standards so pin #2 is wired as hot. Opposite the American balanced standard where pin #1 is wired as hot. Seems to my ears both balanced and RCA output are the same volume output levels.
Mejames, if I wanted to run balanced from the AA Capitole II to a US made amp you're saying I would have to have the cable custom made so the hot wire would run from pin #2 to pin #1? Am I correct in my assumption?
You are totally wrong!!!!
Most of European and American products are pin#2 positive.
Only Japaness and a few western products are pin#3 positive(like Jeff Rowland).Just go with the balanced, rewireing is not necessary.
I am using XLR balanced(from a cap. II) into a BAT VK-500 with out any issues- fwiw.
XLO ELECTRIC normally wires all XLR balanced cables with pin #1 wired as hot[+]. They always ask how you want it wired for your application. Read older thread here about the Capitol Mark 1 is wired with pin #2 as hot. Emailed globe audio the importer to confirm this as fact never received a reply. my Interconnects wired with pan #2 hot on the sending end only is working fine with my Rowland amplifier currently?
There is something confusing about that cabling problem.
My capitole mk2 works fine with a standard XLR to XLR Cardas cable connected to a krell KRC3 preamp.

But when I connect it directly to my power amps using my usual mixed XLR/Cinch cable I only get a "psshhhhh..." and , well... nothing else.
Well the same cable works perfectly between krc3 preamp and the power amplifiers. So something must be peculiar with the capitole XLR output.