balanced connections Calypso/Rhea

Have recently purchased Calypsp/Rhea and have never used balanced interconnects before. The manuals assume you're not a complete audio no nothing which I must be. I can make the Rhea connection but I'm not certain where to plug them in on the Calypso. And what's the silver push thing on the balanced Calypso inputs for? From what I can tell, I should be able to plug the Rhea into any input. I'm assuming that a bypass should not be used. I'm just not sure about the silver thing.
Also, what do you use the double output posts on the Calypso for? Bi-amping?
The little silver thing on the balanced inputs is to be depressed to release the balanced connection cable from the preamp. Plug the cables from the Rhea into any of the 5 balanced inputs. You will hear a slight click indicating the cable has locked into the preamp. That slight click is the silver thing locking.
The Calypso has both single ended and balanced outs. They have given you a pair to drive several amps(biamping) or maybe a sub system at the same time.
I'm not trying to be a smart ass hear but did you get the owners manual? There's information there you really need to read.
If you don't have it, contact Aesthetix and get one for both components.
I finally figured out the silver things but thanks.

I do have both owners manuals. There is a paragraph that says "A special feature of using the tape input as the bypass input is that high quality analogue sources can be kept in their purest form... by selecting tape." Is this what I should do?

They don't ever mention turntable in the Calypso manual. And the Rhea manual makes a joke abouting connecting to a Calypso but is otherwise generic.

I don't think you're being a smart ass. I'm not entirely technically hopeless but I have this fear of making the wrong connection and having everything fry. I appreciate your help.
I would give it a try. I'm trying to rememeber but I thought you can set any input to the bypass mode. It's my understanding that in bypass, however, some other component would be needed to control the volume. (I'm going on memory here.)
Nothing is going to happen even if you do connect an input wrong. It is all very low signal voltages. Just try not to put an input signal to the output connection on the preamp. Other than that, you should be fine.
It will work with the ouput of the Rhea connected to any of the inputs you select.
Try the tape and if it does what you want, you're good to go. If not, use any of the other inputs.
Thanks again. You're right about being able to setup any input as bypass but then requiring another volume control. I guess I just adjust the gain on the Rhea for volume.

Get my TT back on Sunday. Will let you know how it works out.
Plug the Rhea into any input 1-5, beware of adjusting gain on the Rhea as a volume control, these are BIG steps unlike on a preamp. Make sure all of the XLR's click in as mentioned or you can have noise issues, and absolutely do not do any cable swapping while the calypso or your amps are on to avoid speaker or hearing damage.

Good luck
You're right.

I contacted Tom at MusicalSurroundings who suggested using input 5, the tape input but not bypassed.

I didn't realize that the gain didn't increment in small jumps but goes directly to 75dB from 62. Since I'm using the .24mv Airy for which he suggested the maximum gain of 75dB, I wouldn't have any volume control. Also interesting is that the manual suggests 62dB gain for a cartridge in the .2 to .5mv range. But it does also suggest experimenting with the setting below and above.

And thanks for the safety reminder. I have everything plugged into a Chang and I just disconnect it whenever I change anything.