Balanced connection from pre-amp to amp--Need help

I was hoping to get advice from the knowledgeable audiogon folks about making a balanced connection between my pre-amp and amplifier. I have a Marantz reference SC-11 pre-amp and Pass Labs amp. Marantz designates Pin 3 as the Hot (+) pin and pin 2 is the (-) pain. On the Pass labs amp pin 2 is the Hot (+) pin. I believe that Pin 1 is the Ground pin on both components. Can I connect the 2 components using XLR cable or am I better off using single ended RCA connections?
Yes, you can connect the two components via xlr. The only effect it will have is a polarity inversion, also known as a reversal of absolute phase. Whether or not that has any audible significance is controversial, and in any event is dependent on the recording.

If all of your source components are polarity correct, you can restore the correct overall polarity through the system by interchanging the + and - connections to each speaker, or at the corresponding amplifier outputs. Alternatively, you could have a cable supplier provide an xlr cable that has pins 2 and 3 interchanged at one end.

BTW, the related paragraph on page 11 (pdf page 17) of the manual seems confused. What it describes as the US polarity convention is actually the European convention, and vice versa. Also, it says to refer to "analog output connector phase switching," as if the unit includes a polarity inversion switch, but there is no such reference anywhere in the manual.

-- Al

Thanks a ton for all the effort you put into your reply!! Very helpful indeed.

As Al said it is not a major problem, my CJ amp inverts phase; I think most if not all Conrad Johnson's do; as do many others. Just reverse the speaker leads as he says
Marantz Reference is out of touch with other high end audio makers that all seem to use pin 2 hot/pin 3 cold. I have their SA-11S2 SACD player that has pin 3 hot/pin 2 cold, but luckily polarity can be reversed by pressing a button. No such luck with their preamps and amps.
Rowland uses the Asian standard as well.
Asian Standard??

Originally the balanced line connection standard was pin 1 ground, pin 2 non-inverting and pin 3 inverting. This is now known as the American standard, and was typical of any professional audio equipment made in the US during the 50s and 60s.

Sometime during the 70s or 80s there emerged the European standard, that has the phase reversed (but you can always count on pin 1 being ground).
I shouldn't have used "Asian standard" as a term of art, because it isn't a term of art. I meant to say the XLR PIN configuration that is common in Asia, which I understand to be PIN #1 ground, PIN #2 negative, PIN #3 positive.
Do you still have your PM-11S1 for sale?