Balanced connection

Is it safe to connect the Sony XA7ES to a Krell 300i integrated amp through the balanced connections ? I read in Stereophile's review of the Sony SCD-1 that the reviewer had to short one of the connections of some sort to safely connect the balanced cable. Can anyone shed some light on this topic ? If so, how does the connection work ? Thanks.
I don't know how to short it, but you can buy connectors that I assume do something similiar. BAT makes some. My BAT preamp is all balanced, but I run some RCA connectors to it through these connectors. Sometimes you can fine them for sale on Audiogon...they are a little pricey.
The thing is some manufacturers wire the pins differently on XLR connectors so if your equipment is expecting "ground" and it gets "hot" then there could be a problem. I think this is rare, however. I'd check with Krell to be sure.
There are some products, amps in particular, where if you are running balanced or mono, then you must install the RCA dummy plugs or sometimes called shorting plugs. Apparently these actually short the connector at that point. I don't understand it, but the Moon W-5 has that so-called feature for balanced and/or mono-amp configs.