balanced cd player

i have a luxman L505U int amp its 100volt.rotel rt 1084 am fm hd tuner denon dcm390 cd player i want a good balanced silver cd player. i was thinking cambridge 840c $1600 luxman du 50 $3300 or marantz sa 11 luxman i orderd from audio cubes2 du 50 specs are very high any idea thanks.
How about Sony SCD XA-5400ES?
NAD M%, but is also SACD and HDCD capable.
Sorry NAD M5
Bryston BCD-1
ARC CD2----$1050.00 CD3----$1795.00 on AgoN. The CD3 is a good buy at that price.
The ARCs are good I've had the CD2 and now have the CD3 MKII. Another good one is the Wadia 301 for the price and you can run it direct to your amp.
the amp is 100 volt
how do you use that with 120v/60hz in n. america
thanks norman
thanks for all the answers. i will not buy anything made in china cambridge nad sony are out that leaves arc its made in plymouth mn close to my home marantz sa 11 made in japan luxman du 50 made in japan arc what is the signal to noise spec luxman du50 125 thanks renjy651.
why not consider sony scd xa-5400es is it not made in japan or is it made in china please include punctuation in your posts otherwise they are difficult to read can you tell?

made in canada is bryston
I can vouch for the ARC C 2 as well, I now have an ARC CD 3 so I have to sell my beloved CD 2. But it is nothing but great sound and detail just a little less forward than the CD 3 (1-2 rows at most) but it is great and gets only better with a good PC as well brings more PRAT to it.