Balanced Cables-Need Help

Please,can someone to help me with the following question:

I need to convert a balanced cable,to use between my Krell KSP-7B(single ended tape monitor) and a Revox PR99MKIII(balanced IN/OUT)
This cable need to have one end XLR,and other RCA.The question is:The Ground should be soldered together with the Cold in the RCA ends,or floating?How abount the XLR:the Ground should be soldered in pin 1 normally?Thanks

Connect the ground and - signal together at the RCA end. On XLR end 1 should be ground, 3 is - and 2 is +.
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The proper way to convert a balanced connection to an unbalanced connection (single ended connection) is by the use of a balun. They can be found at your local audio store and cost about $25 to $30.
What the heck is a balun?
A balun is a transformer that is used to convert an unbalanced system (a grounded system) to a balanced system (a system not referenced to ground).
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