Balanced cables for McIntosh

Ok all you Mac owners,I'm looking for feedback/opinions on best balanced innerconnects for Mac C42/MC352 pre/pwr.combo.I like a laid-back sound,but not lacking detail or bass slam.Icing on the cake would be if their reasonably priced.Also using Wadia digital(balanced)to preamp,and Vandersteen 3A spkrs.
I have the exact same setup and use the Alpha-Core Copper Tourmaline - call the Cable Company or factory direct. I have tried MIT, Monster, Transparent , Audio Magic but these are the best and very reasonably priced. Happy listening.
Hey guys, i really have alot of questions for u about your set up, i own the mc 352, i have been thinking about the mc 42, can u please email me at [email protected] , thanks.
Cable Research Labs bronze bundle. Well priced and they work really well with Mac equipment.
I use Kimber Select with my McIntosh system. Great results!