Balanced cable for ARC CD 3/Classe CAP 151

Finally thinking of changing to a balanced cable for my Classe CAP 151/ ARC CD 3 but would like a used set, I currently use RSA Poeima SE with great results. Is there ARC owners that could recommend a resonable set that would be a good match??? I listen to soft rock, blues, new age and some jazz thru Apogee Slant 6 speakers. Thanks for the help.
I'm currently using virtual dynamics nite platinums with very good results. Prior to that I used anti-cables also with good results. Anti-cables can be a little bright depending on equipment. I'm not sure what they would sound like with Classe as I'm not familiar with it's sound.
Also, audio metallurgy GA-0 is a good cable to try, very neutral and a little on the warm side.
The price is right on all these cables and they compete with cables costing 6-7 times their price.