Balanced cable between Pass X350.5 and Cary SLP05

I'm running Dynaudio Confidence C1's using Tesla Accelerator's from my Pass. My Cary is using a high quality balanced cable with Furutech Rhodium connectors.

It's the only "good" balanced interconnect I own. I need a reference, or, a balanced cable that I can use to gauge what my other cable(s) are doing. I am a bit of a experimenter with cables, often building my own. But with this quality of gear, I need to know where I'm at.

So, I'm hopeful under a $1000 used, hopefully way under. I guess I'm fearful I'm not getting what this equipment has to offer. In A-gon members opinions, would work well with the Pass?

I'm thinking as well that the Pass and Cary might be mismatched as I rarely take the volume control past 1/4 turn. Impedence mismatch?

My source is a hotrodded Oppo BDP83SE, and soon to be a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC (with no cables to connect!)
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So what about them synergistic research designers reference x2 interconnects?
I used Harmonic Tech Magic Link II's with my Pass X-600's. Very good cable. I sold the amps and now have my Magic for sale here (3 meter pair, $1100). I still use HT Magic throughout my system. FWIW
That what I use now. Magic truly flows through this cable.
Congrats on your new IC's! Glad your finding them to your liking. You might also like the Magic speaker cables. Spendy, but really really good. I use the Magic Reference Woofer and Tweeter with my VSA Sr IV's.