balanced audio vk P12 phono

Has anyone had any experiences with the new Bat phono stage?  It has transformers instead of caps.  Judging by how popular the P-10 was, I am surprised I haven't seen anything.
I just added the retail of this phono pre and their top monoblocks and linestage....$75k

Nordost Odin cabling, fancy rack... A start of a $250K rig easy.

Black Amex card holders only. Hire the good sound guy also.

Which house to put this in? The one in the Hamptons or Malibu?

Supervise the people setting it up, so they don’t scratch the imported wood floor. Let the wife choose the area persian rug for the listening area.

When all is done, sit back and open that 100 year old Dom and
CRANK Ludwig V’s 5th and your minty original Parlophone mono Beatles.

Ahh...the good life.

The upper levels of BAT are very good. I have the P10 SE and don't need anything else. Ain't cheap though.
Why bother posting on hi-fi audio forums if you take offense to the prices. It's expensive. Get over it, then go make friends on the cheapskate audio forums.

WHERE in my post do I suggest it's offensive? I'm stating the mindset if I were in that position.

The phono stage is proportionately a bargain pairing with BAT's finest. 

Get a sense of humor and learn to interpret such posts. Move on.
If you can't understand the post as a goof, that's not my concern.

My bargain basement table/cart/phono amp is only at the 7k mark, am I qualified to poke fun at my hobbie? 

sorry my question was so polarizing............I wasn't thinking price. I always buy used.... I am very happy with what I have.....running a clearaudio balanced reference direct to my amps. (solid state) But I always had a yen to try a bat phono (tubes) with a balanced volume control only.  BAT has big balanced power supplies so I think it would be great.  I also am convinced that a balanced input is an improvement and they are rare.  Also  it is a balanced phono that doesn't cost a mortgage to re-tube and they last a long time.   Victor runs a very conservative shop and I was curious about the change to transformers since they are now  used throughout his line of pre-amps.  Just seemed weird that no one has spoken up one since the vk p10 seems well loved......

mulveling reminded me there are sensitive readers here, so best to skip any satire/humor for fear offending someone.

No doubt th P12 is amazing.  If my system warranted that level of gear, I'd go SE version whole hog!

A friend has athe older p5 with BAT tube amps. Gear sonics
I think the move to transformer coupling is a good move, especially for BAT, since much of their gear has had problems with capacitors.

I would be tempted to try a VK-P12. Maybe they are hopping on the Allnic bandwagon, as Allnic has been transformer coupling for years now.