Balanced audio 31 and 31se pre amp any good?

I have a AR sp16 and there are a couple item I don't like I went to a store and the guy tried to sell me a Balanced Audio vk-31 (i never heard of it, But I am not into this that much) Anyhow is this unit any good. Is there a big difference between the 31 and the 31se. I am paring this with a cary 301/300 tube cd, quick silver v4 tube amps and Vandersteen 5a. Is this the level of preamp I want? Is there anything I should look at?
My 30SE was bettered by the ARC LS 25 MKII in dynamics and detail, for what this info is worth.

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Hello Programmergeek,

The BAT-31se is a fantastic pre-amp and definitely worth an audition. BAT is one of the best companies in hi-end audio today. Can you try it out before you buy?

Good luck to you,
I'll add to this thread the the 31 and 31se are SIGNIFICANTLY better than the 30SE. Ditto for the 50 vs 51SE. BAT is one of the better high end companies. You won't be making a mistake buying from them. Tom has the best advice, if you can try at home, do it. Just be prepared not to return it :).

The 31SE is a little more extended, more dynamic, better stage, better details. The 31 is a little sweeter and warmer depending on what 6922 tubes you use.
I just got my 51SE to match my 75SE, and I'm in heaven.

I've owned the 50SE (didn't like at all) and the 31SE.

Thank you again Tom!

Hi Keith,
So glad you are enjoying music with the 51se and 75se. You know I have had my 150se mono blocks for almost 4 years now and I'm still in heaven with them. I've been getting out to hear a lot of systems lately and their is nothing I would trade my BAT pre and amp for. They have surpassed the performance of everything I've put them up against by a large margin in my opinion.