Balanced and unbalanced cabling w/Bryston 10B


I'm putting a subwoofer in my 2 channel system for the first time and I've acquired a Bryston 10B crossover (older model) to do so. I'm confused about cabling given what I gather is Bryston's non-AES standard pinout arrangement (pin 3 positive/pin 2 negative) and how this effects my cable needs.

My preamp and amp are unbalanced and I will be using rca to xlr cables to connect them to the Bryston. Can I use any standard cable to do so? (this will be a run of 25 - 30 feet and I will use Blue Jeans, Monoprice or Markertek's Canare to keep costs reasonable).

My subwoofer (Fathom F113) has balanced inputs that conform to AES standard. Again, do I need a special cable to handle this, or can I use the subwoofer's polarity control to accomodate the difference?

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you,