Balanced and Unbalanced?

I was wondering if it is possible (read recommended) to run a CDP into an amp direct via balanced cables AND run an analog/preamp via the unbalanced connections to the same amp. In effect, both the balanced and unbalanced connections would be connected, only one would be in use at a time.

Wondering if there would be any negative effects to this setup. I was considering replacing my present SS pre with a tube preamp for the analog side to warm things up a bit. Curious if anybody else has given this a go. Also, if by mistake you did happen to run them both at the same time, would the amp effectively "add" the two signals together? Not looking to void any warranties here, just curious.

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Same story as the perennial question of whether you can connect 2 amps directly to the same speaker even if you use only one amp at a time. If you connect the two sources to an amp which lacks a selector switch to select bal/unbal, the two sources will shunt each others output even if only one is in use at a time. Even with the switch, which probably only changes the ground connection, this is not likely to be successful.

I suggest you ask Levinson before trying this.
Thanks for the input, I guess it would be as easy to unplug the other set when switching from analog to digital. Just curious.