Balanced and RCA concurrently?

I have a question about plugging into an amps RCA and balanced inputs. My KRC-3 preamp has one set of balanced inputs, as well as my Basic rebuilt SA-220 (balanced inputs added when rebuilt). I do not have any additional inputs available on the KRC-3, and moving cables is really not an option as my wife and oldest are using system as well.

Currently the balanced inputs are unused, shunted on amp. What I am considering doing is purchasing a Music Hall 25.3, using it's coax input for my CD player and the USB input for a Cambridge Audio BT100.

From there I have 2 options, listed in my current preference:

1- Use MH 25.3 balanced out into KRC-3 into SA-220.
2- Use MH 25.3 balanced out straight into SA-220, bypassing KRC-3. Possible due to MH 25.3 having its own volume/gain.

Either way, I am plugging into the balanced inputs of the SA-220, and I am wondering if there is any danger to this? My minimal research into the topic, which got me to this forum, indicated the biggest issue appears to be the potential in scenario 2 for dual simultaneous input which could cause issues, hence my preference for scenario 1.

Ultimately, I could change to balanced on phono, and CD/BT on RCA as we are no longer buying CD's, vinyl only. But for the near/mid future, CD is most used component, and scenario is still same, RCA and balanced inputs both utilized. Thank you for any insight or recommendations.
There is no danger, but it won't work. The other sources plugged into the amp will load the preamp, and vice versa.

What you need is a preamp with more inputs, and possibly also a balanced output.
Atmasphere, thank you for the response. Could you clarify a little further, as I don't understand the "load" you referred to.

The KRC-3 has balanced out, but only 1 balanced in. I am not in a position to replace it with anything remotely comparable, so I am going to continue searching for a solution.

Thank you again for the response.
If you are trying to drive the amp with two different sources, assuming that one of them is not playing, the presence of the other will load the source that is playing.

By 'load', imagine carrying ten pounds for ten miles. Not so bad if you are in average shape and the load is in a backpack. But now increase the load to 50 pounds and see how you feel about it.

That is what is meant by 'load' but now its in electrical terms. The unused source will act like a partial short- and the active source will have to work a lot harder as a result. You would experience lower volume and it likely would not sound as good.