Balanced Amps at a reasonable price?

Are there any amps out there {2 Ch} that offer high power, and a truly balanced design , that are available at a reasonable price?
What's your definition of high power, Darrylhifi? And "resonable" price?
Hah! Beat you to the question, CFB! Hope that your tweeters are still a 'tweetin' and your woofers a woofin'! BTW, I've just GOTTA hear a pair of those Eidolons. Thanks for putting that rather expensive bug in my head! O.K., I'll now stop these superfluous pleasantries so that we can get back to Darrylhifi's question. Sorry for the interruption. Happy Tunes!
Minimum 200 watts RMS and 3K or less. Thanks.
I just bought a little MC7100 with fully balanced design with, of course, balanced connectors and am amazed by it. I tested it in my lab and got 195W at 6 ohms continous with it (rated at 150W into 4 ohms by McIntosh). I just think for the price (about $750) that it is unbeatable. It certainly beats my former Krell KSA100 to bits in terms of performance and musical quality. I just love it.
BAT VK-200 or BAT VK-500(if you can find a good deal)
The Hafler 9505 at 250/channel for $2200. Available from Harry at HCM as "B" stock for much less.
Need some more info...what's your preamp? Speakers? System matching is important. I've used Classe and BAT SS amps. Both were great in my system at the time...
Integra Research RDC 7, Legacy Sig III's ....... Currently Im using a Rotel, however Ive read even though it has balanced inputs in reality its not a truly a balanced design and therefore does not ofer the benefits using the balnced outputs of the Integra.
Bryston 4B-ST
There is a McCormack Audio DNA-2 Rev-A for sale at $3200.00
Buy it now, you won't be sorry.

Electrocompaniet, AW60 used under $1K, buy 2 and bridge them (factory bridging kit), you get 200W+ in real balanced.
All Electrocompaniet amplifiers are true balanced design, and high curent to boot.
As someone else has already said, Bryston 4B-ST. You might also consider the McCormack DNA-225 and Bel Canto EVo 200.2