Balanced amp for Bat vk5i...

Which amps would work well with my Batvk5i? The amps that I've been looking at are-- Classe ca400, Plinius sa250, Mark Levinson, and Pass Labs. My speakers are Ariel 7b's. I want to buy a used amp up to $3800 or so. Thanks! Stan
I use a Levinson 331 with the vk5i and love it. If you want more power, try the 332 or 333. Good luck!
Why not a BAT product, SS or tube the synergy would be very good! I had both the 75SE and a pair of VK60 mono's and both sounded great with my VK50SE preamp.
Naturally BAT would be good, however I have found that Levinson amps work well with BAT tube preamps.

Save a bit more and get a 336. Aerial's love power.
I had 10t's and now have 20t's with Levinson amps.


Paul :-)
Although I am a happy user of a VK-500, I think that I would recommend the Plinius, as most bang for the buck. With plinius, you may want to read up on the differences between different Mk. versions of the amps before deciding.

Disclaimer: I admit that I have listened to more BAT and Plinius gear than Levinson and Classe. I also have not listened to Arial's. They may indeed have a Levinson synergy.

Have fun.
Sorry about not getting back to this until now. Thanks for all the advice! I like Bat and I'll probably end up with a vk51se preamp someday, but I'm not brave enough for a tube amp and Bat's solid state amps are very good- but not great...just my opinion. That leaves me with Plinius and Mark Levinson... I'm stuck between the Plinius sa250 mkIV and the Mark Levinson 336. I've been researching both. How is the dependability of both these amps? Also, how hot does the Mark Levinson 336 get?
I've been using a BAT VK500 with my VK 5i...I like the combo and it fits your budget easily...have you tube rolled the 5i? I swapped out the Sovteks for Amperex 7308 and 6922 to great effect.
I use bat vk 5i( amperex 7308 an tungsol 5881 tubes) with Gamut d200 mk3 - superb , pristine incridible.
i use the BAT VK51SE with the Plinius 250mk4 and sonus faber extremas. enjoy the music this combo makes very much. Ive had the plinius for 3 years now -no problems and i run in class A frequently.
Thanks for all the responses. Larryken-yes, I'm using nos tubes in my preamp-click on my system to see. They made a tremendous difference in sound. More dynamics, detail, clarity... almost like a component upgrade. Eldo1968- How hot does your amp get? Does running class A reduce the longevity of an amp? Beemer-How hot does the ML336 run? How's the dependability of the 336? Thanks again all! Stan
oh it gets hot and the BAT runs warm so together they make the heat of a fireplace without the ambiance of flickering flames. dont know about longevity but if it burns out ill get another one.