Balance issues?

Hey all. I'm having this issue when I adjust the balance control on my Cambridge Audio Azur 740a all the way to either the left or the right, I am still getting signal out of both channels. I have checked my wiring a thousand times. 
When I hook up a different pair of speakers, same issue. When I reverse the wiring, same issue.
When I switch to my other older amp, balance works as it should. 
Is it possible there is a problem with the azur 740a?
When balance is at zero it sounds ok, maybe even in the middle. But I can't help but think it sounds under performed. I should mention I bought this amp used.
You should be able to set your balance control so that the central image, usually the vocal, is right in the middle of your soundstage.  If you can't do that there is a problem with your balance control. 

You don't say how loudly the L or R channel plays when you have the balance control set all the way to the other channel.  If  it's more than minimal volume, that would indicate a problem with the balance control also.

You can call Cambridge Audio Customer Support at :   (877) 357-8204
Thanks for taking the time. When the balance is all the way to the left channel it is definately louder than the right and vice versa, but doesn’t silence the opposite side as it should.
Some designs DO NOT SILENCE the other channel fully. The balance knob is not to create one channel mono. just 'balance'. So I would suggest if you manage to get in touch with the company, they will tell you that is how they designed it.                        
Good luck.                
When the op writes "as it should'. You are not really saying it must, (or it is not a balance control) you are saying it is what you EXPECT. Sorry that the device does the job (balances the signal), but not what you expect. (shuts off the other channel completely)
Thank you Elizabeth I'll look into that more. Appreciate it!
This is how most balance controls work.

Since usually balance is only off a few dB, you don't want a very wide range balance control. Something that adjusts maybe +- 6 dB to +- 12 dB is more than ever gets used. This lets you adjust with finer control.

I like the fact a balance knob usually shuts off one channel. It allows one to 'check' for various problems! (also, in the past, audio books sometimes used a technique of having one stereo channel to be a separate set of book chapters from the other stereo channel (which could become extremely frustrating if no ability to cut off one or the other channel... like in a car) or apparently the Cambridge Audio Azur 740a
Over all the preamps and integrateds I've owen, they always muted the other channel when the balance was at full turn to the other channel. Something's not right there. Could be the value of the balance pot is incorrect.
Be aware the balance is a menu item in the Azure 740a screen... and NOT an actual knob on this device. So it is not like ’all the rest’ of those balance knobs you are used to. It does use the volume knob, just like half dozen other functions you can scroll through.
On the other hand. In the ownwer’s manual, it DOES MENTION: "If you cannot hear from one channel, check the balance control". This may or may not mean anything, or the folks writing and the folks programming the balance function did not talk much.
Thanks for everyone's input. Going to get it looked at by my dealer in town. The balance knob is shared with the volume knob, after selecting volume or balance in the menu.