Balanaced Power Tech v. PS Audio


I do not currently power condition,but will be living in apartment for next year, away from my dedicated line. I am contemplating units like the BPT CPC, and the PS Quintessence, both currently discounted here. Any thoughts on these units? The 700 for the Quintessence represents my high end.



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I only know BPT,it is OK in my experience.Runs cool,gives a blacker background,not much careful of noisy[fans] and hot-running units.Thats all I know for sure,never tried any others,but always wanted to run an Equitech or an Exactpower and see what they do...good luck,Bob
Thanks Bob! Not much response. And I thought people around here had opinions on everything!

Oh,they surely do.Some weeks its power,some weeks its tube amps vs. sand amps,some its.....well you get the picture.The power issues/opinions have just settled down a bit.It was a fearsome topic most of the months of Feb-Jan as I recall.... .For 700 I would go for the ones I mentioned because you dont have 1200 for an Exactpower....some folks also like Monster and Shunyata I see.....PS Audio,Richard Gray are very much for sale here as you can see....have you checked out any of the archives??Bob
I use a PS Audio P-300 regenerator on my front end devices. The older power plants are balanced, the newer ones like the PPP are not. I don't like regenerators for amps or high current devices. I could not live w/o my P-300 it makes a great difference. If I were you I'd pick up a used P-300. Realize there are many incarnations: No multiwave, Multiwave, multiwave II, upgraded w/gain cells and newer caps, better AC ports, remote control. I still believe the 120hz sine wave sounds best. Also my Oyaide R-1 WITH a WPC-Z cover plate makes a huge difference in AC delivery as well. Good luck.


You mean 60 Hz sinewave? 120 volts?
One poster mentioned only knowing BPT, and wondering whether Equitech might be a step up. I've often wondered the same thing. Is a balanced power transformer a balanced power transformer, or is there a difference as you move "upscale?"
Thanks Bob! I did poke around a bit on forums, will do a bit more.

Kitchner: On BPT's website, they claim to have started a relationship with Equitech.

I also note that BPT is located in Defiance, MO, just a couple hours from my home in St. Loo. How cool. If I go for a conditioner, I can buy local.

Ait: no I mean 120hz, 120Volts. It doesn't hurt anything, I have no AC motors that need 60hz etc. 120hz jut pulses the current twice as fast. Really brings out the soundstage compared to 60hz in my setup.