Bal. Cables for Wadia S7i CD player?

I'm in the process of purchasing a Wadia S7i CDP. I need to run 2 meters to my Bryston 7Bst's (I'm running direct). Looking for suggestions for Interconnects that work well. (Don't want to have to sell the house to get good cables)
Also has anyone compared unbalanced to balance since I already have good unbalanced.
Thanks for your input!!
Some equipment sounds better balanced...there are a few where (possibly because the balanced is not true balanced)...the SE sounds similar or better.

You've got a great CD player...great. If you're using Wadia direct to amp...if you can avoid it, dont skimp here. Wadia is a very natural but also very precise sound, and so is Bryston as you already know. Getting the right cables could be the difference between magic and stiff/sterile.

I like Transparent Reference cables...older, second pre-MM1 are great imho. Depends on your taste of course. The opposite of these at a comparble quality level would probably be Valhalla. My gut tells me balanced given the Bryston and even the Wadia. Good luck. One man's opinion.
I am running a Wadia GNSC player and may have a set of cables if you want to pm. These cables will eat many for lunch.Take care Dennis
I was looking into Transparent Super and Ultra. My only hesitation came when I read that the "Network" used does wonders for the low frequencies at a cost to the highs. My highs (hearing) are rolling off as I get older. Whats your opinion the Transparent's effect on the high freq's. I tend to like detail over warmth.
Hi 2bz...i am a big, big TA fan...if you like detail over warmth and are looking at Super or Ultra...i think you might honestly prefer to try a few other cable options in addition to TA. Particularly, if a truly illuminated treble is important for you (as with all of us as we get older) given your own hearing.

I would have to give it some thought, but i feel like i have heard other cables in comparison which had more treble clarity...the question is can i remember the ones in the price range. I could easily name Valhalla, but that is more expensive.

By all means, try the TA Super and Ultra (I prefer older Ref btw)...but perhaps Valhalla second-hand, might offer more articulated highs than Ultra.
2bz..I am using balanced Nordost Tyr with a Wadia 861 w/gnsc mods direct into my ASR Emitter with excellent results.I was using Cardas GR before and found (in comparison) the sound really opened up and became much more natural.(I find,for some reason, Cardas speaker cables sound better in my system than the interconnects)

The Tyr has since been replace by a newer version,so the original is going for 50% off from several online retailers.Its an tremendous bargain now considering it's just one step below Valhalla. Hope this helps and good luck.
Any experience out there with XLO Sig 3 or Unlimited? The little I read, I keep hearing about neutrality "Sounds like nothing at all" Can't find too much on these but was hoping fellow Audiogoners had some input.
Try 2534 for balanced and 2549 for unbalanced, you will be surprised.
Mogami 2534 and 2549, that is...
which cabling are you guys using w/ a Wadia spinner?
Hi Jafant,

I run my Wadia both Bal. and Unbal.

Bal.: XLO sig 3 into Bryston BP26 pre-amp then the Bryston Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE mic. cable(stock code# 268-020-000) from the pre-amp to my new Bryston 7B3 monoblocs.

Unbal: Silver Audio Silver Bullets #6 From the Wadia direct into the Bryston amp. This has been a nice option with my old 7bst amps but haven't tried them with the new 7B3's (just connected those yesterday and haven't played around much yet.

Most of my listening is via Bal.