Bagpipe Music

I really like the sound of bagpipes. Can anyone recommend any good bagpipe music? I would really like to hear how it sounds on my system.
Like a lot of us I have heard bagpipes live.My guess is much difficulty to replicate.Live,they are harsh at times.Sorry,I got no help,but I too have a taster along those lines.I got this M.H.S. recording of French Carrousel music.I got it 12 years ago.Sounded FLAT.But 40 grand in equiptment has made it more real.Good hunting!
Ahah, another closet Scotsman! I really love the skirl of the pipes - it must be some kind of ancestral or genetic response. During World War II, the Scotish pipers were called "The Ladies From Hell" by the Japanese. But, to you point. Yes, there are some decent recordings of bagpipes, although no "audiophile" recordings. I think your best bet is to check with large record store chain, like Tower Records, which has a large "world music" section. I have seen a number of bagpipe recordings in the "Scotland" section of our Seattle Tower Records store. Another option would be to use the Internet to search for Scottish specialty stores - from time to time I have seen CD's bagpipes performed by Scots Highland Regiments, etc.
Matt Seattle, "Out of the Flames" on Discipline Global Music. This is Robert Fripp's own label (of King Crimson fame) and is dedicated to preseving and protecting artist's rights as well as publishing a wildly diverse catalog of great music. You can find more on Matt Seattle at Good luck and hope you enjoy.
Have you listened to Korn? Jonathon Davis likes to play the 'pipes. OK, just kidding.
I have a double CD of Basque music entitled "Kepa Junkera" which features Paddy Maloney of (The Chieftains). It has both "Swiss" and "Galician" bagpipe on a few of the songs. Other instruments include darbuka, valiha, trikitixa, cabassa, timple, cuatro, cajon, Braguesse guitar, bendir and txalaparta (in case you feel like branching out from the bagpipe) as well as more traditional mainstream instruments. My wife picked it up at a local flea market, but their is a web address on the insert ( where you may be able to order the CD. It's like "Black Orpheus" meets the "Gypsy Kings" and it hits the spot for an obscure music fix. It ain't crap.