Bag end infra 18

I have a bag end infra 18 that was given to me, it doesnt have an amplifier on the back, it is just the driver and the sub box, it has been sitting in a garage for a few years, the surround looks good. Is there anyone who would be interested in this? I assume the driver is good, but don't know, I was going to make it a project but bought a velodyne instead so now it's sitting in my garage! make me an offer
What do you guys think,
should I just throw this away? kinda hate to do that but I am not going to use it
It had a power amp. built-in 400W. You just hook up to sub out (from receiver).
No, somebody took the amp physically off the back, it does not have an amplifier on it.
thats why i cant easily test the driver.