Baffle and bass box suggestions?


I have a pair of Carver 60" Mk. IV ribbons. Although the following designs use planar-magnetic ribbons I am interested in building a setup similar to ONE of the following setups:

1. The Wisdom Audio M-50 ( which uses
an underhung voice-coil woofer setup;

2. The Soundline Audio SL-2 ( which
uses a ported woofer box;

3. The Ambience Speakers Ultra 1800

4. The BG Corp Radia 520 (,


5. Something similar to the Apogee Stage Mini Grand system
but the woofer-midrange would be an electrostatic
element crossed over to the 60" Carver ribbons. The
panel design and electrostatic elements would be like
the ones sold by Russ Knotts on his website www. The subwoofer system would be a
design similar to the one used in the Mini Grand.

I would be most appreciative if anyone could give me information on baffle and box construction and woofer selection for any of these proposed systems.

Finally, there is a gentleman in Southern California by the name of Fernando who is producing newer versions of the Carver ribbons and the Carver 12" woofers along with the associated baffles and crossovers. Does anybody have any information on these products or has anybody dealt with him before? I would like to try my ideas first if possible before I deal with anybody.


Nice idea Maxwell! My experience is that there are not that many DIY speaker builders here (I could be wrong) because these questions do not usually get much response. Think you will have more luck at speaker forum or the speaker forum - especially diyaudio. My diy w/ speakers is in other areas than yours. Let us know how they turn out. DIY is the way to go. Better than DUI anyway!

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Try posting this within the forums that "not so" Clueless suggested or at as there are plenty of speaker "nuts" there. Hope this helps.... Sean