Baetis Audio Is it the real deal?

Considering a digital server.  Heard a lot about Aurender and Baetis.  Is Baetis everything it is said to be or is it not as there are many mixed reviews and comments.  This review from The Absolut Sound is compelling but its related commemts below the review are not.....  Thank you.
I looked at the Baetis Audio server very briefly and decided I liked the features and sound quality of the Aurender products. My Aurender N10 Music Server is a welcomed addition to my audio system. My audio system sounds more open, more natural, clearer, better bass and I am very happy I purchased the unit. The ability to switch back and forth between Tidal music streaming and my stored albums, using the iPad App, is now a very easy process (one mouse click). The Aurender iPad app is much easier to use than my MAC Book Pro computer. Album selection is also excellent with several different album selection choices available. The Aurender N10 Music Sever is highly recommended for its great sound quality and ease of use,

I had missing album cover art issues with the N10 in transferring my albums from iTunes (MAC Book Pro) to the Aurender and some operational questions after their March 2nd software upgrade. All these items and solutions are fully explained on my Audiogon PC Audio post (see MAC Book Pro Computer vs Aurender N100h vs Aurender N10 Music Servers).  Aurender customer Service is excellent and they very promptly helped me solve every issue. I listened to both the Aurender N100h and the N10 Music Servers. I felt the sound quality was better on the N10.  If possible, I suggest you demo the Baetis Audio servers and also the Aurender servers to help you decide.  
I own the Sony HAP server, and can’t figure out why folks would choose another server. I’m sure the others sound great also. For $2k new, the Sony has the sq & the ux and other perks.

Not trying to start a flame, just curious how other server options would be a superior choice.

I also have the Sony HAPZ1ES server/player and I am extremely satisfied with it. For the coin, I have not heard better. It’s very easy to use and comes with a great iPad remote app. The only drawback is you have to transfer the files via the ethernet port or via the built in wireless. It would be nice if you could copy directly from another hard drive but that feature isn’t available. The internal drive is only 1TB, but you can add a much larger usb drive via a port on the rear once the main drive is filled up. The player boots up very quickly and has never skipped a beat. It will also play dsd files and can upsample redbook or hi rez to dsd quality. I love mine.

A friend tried the Baetis and thought it was kind of cheesy. He ended up buying an Aurender unit and loves it. It boils down to how much you want to spend.   For 2 large ones, the Sony is the way to go. If you want to spend more, go with the Aurender.

Actually the latest Sony firmware allows direct cd rips via usb hdd. You'll see that option in the app. Added a few months ago. 
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