Baetis Audio - anyone with experience?

Baetis Audio has just announced their Revolution ll Media Server.
Does anyone have any experience with their line of media servers?
All positive and negative comments will be most helpful.
Many thanks in advance.
I am a bit surprised that nobody owns or has auditioned a Beatis Audio product. I was hoping to get some feedback before pulling the trigger.
It is mail order only but refundable if not satisfied after a home trial.
I own the original Baetis Revolution. I have been using it since the end of January with no problems. One of the company owners, John, has been very prompt in answering any questions that I have had. The Baetis is my first server. It has replaced a CEC TL-53z CD player which was my previous digital source. I believe the CEC to be a very good CD player, if not among the very best. The Baetis is much better in every way. Once I got my music loaded, all my CDs, old and new, sounded better than I had ever heard them. Hi Rez downloads also sound great, although the quality varies. The crew at Baetis have gone to great lengths to test everything that has gone into their player. If you have not already done so, please read their website to get an idea of how much they have researched the issues of digital replay.

Is this the Memory Player challenger?
Unfortunately, I have never heard the Memory Player. The Baetis is a Windows based server that runs JRiver Media Player, that, I believe, reads completely into RAM before playing.
It looks like a nice machine but there are several equivalent dedicated PC media solutions in the $2-$3k range. I would not buy one that used the consumer version of Windows (Win7, Win8)... Server 2012 is better for audio. Reading into RAM is a default feature of JRiver Media Center
Thanks all for your responses.
Davide, can you tell me more about this Server 2012 and what sort of problems JRiver and consumer Windows would have with audio in the context of Beatis Audio products?
Baetis is a first rate product with first rate customer service. I could have gotten a similiar server a little cheaper, but the customer service is irreplacable. John Mingo knows the product inside out and there anytime you need help. And most importantly it sounds great!
Microsoft makes desktop operating systems and server operating systems. Server 2012 is their latest and because its intended for server use it performs better than the desktop OS's for use as a media server (at a more expensive price). I have made and compared SSD installed images of both Win7, Win8 Pro and Server 2012 optimized for audio and server 2012 is more detailed, reduces fatigue from the audio PC media playback. Its drawback is that its support for devices is poorer (i.e. the remote control I used for Win7/Win8 had no driver for Server 2012). Check the Computer Audiophile site there are several threads on Server 2012 well as on the Jplay site.

The Baetis machine looks fine, its along the lines of what I would build if I was using the best stock parts and including foolproof commercial software. My point on it was to say that its not unique. To be unique/better they would have to have motherboards made specific to their requirements, eliminating the unneeded legacy bus hardware and hardening against RFI.
Thanks for the heads-up, Davide.
Will do more research as advised.
To Davide256: With regard to the Baetis Revolution II media computer, can you name another Windows-based server that has: a) galvanic isolation on a dedicated, not shared, SPDIF output straight off the motherboard; b) uses EMI-reduction fabric for all of its outputs and inputs; c) has fans to reduce heat during Blu-ray playing and ripping which such fans cannot be heard or measured by a sound pressure meter over the noise of the audio system on standby, and d) offers the user 1-year of telephone support plus remote desktop control? You said it was not unique; can you name another brand that has any of these features? Or even a DIY build from Chris Connaker? Thanks. We really would like to know so we can keep our advertising honest. Best, John Mingo
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It's been more than 2 years since I started this thread. I have moved on now to the Esoteric N-05 dac/network player with a Windows PC as music server. 

With the new gen dac''s, I marvel less at how good hires is than how good redbook is today. The new gen dac's narrow the gap so much that well-recorded redbook files can sound just as good as hires pcm/dsd.
Thanks all for your input.
Happy listening!

Just to add, Esoteric has improved usb implementation by leaps and bounds since my old K-01. The new N-05 via usb from the PC handily beats the K-01 spinning CD/SACD’s in its venerable VRDS Neo transport. Needless to say, it beats the K-01’s usb input too.

This indicates the importance of the new dac chip(AKM 4490 compared to the K-01’s discontinued 4399), usb design and implementation, enhanced power supply and analog outputs of the N-05, in allowing it to surpass the K--01 in every sonic parameter.

The N-05 is not MQA capable. But having compared MQA files via the Meridian 808v6 to non-MQA files via the N-05 for the same music downloaded from the 2L website, I find the N-05 superior to the 808v6 even with the latter playing MQA.

Usb implementation has indeed come a long way for Esoteric.