Badly misinformed member

A new listing by someone selling a VT200 caught my attention today because I noticed he had a high asking price of $7000. He claims he just bought it new and he is selling because it can't drive his Avalon Eidelon's!

Either he's smoking something or he is seriously screwed on at least 3 fronts. First of all, no dealer should be selling a new VT200 unless it is the new mkII, which the seller doesn't state. Second, the used market for Vt200's is nowhere near $7000, and 3rd: either the amp is shot or the speakers are shot! This guy needs some help!
didja politely question the seller directly?
IMO, what you're seeing is the audio equivalent of the bigger fool theory of real estate (no matter how much you pay, there's always a bigger fool around willing to pay more). Either that or its leakage from ebay where items often sell for inflated prices.