Badfinger, perfect end for Breaking Bad

I'm not a big Badfinger fan but it seems like that song was made for the final scene in Breaking Bad. I don't know the name but the lyrics were right on the money. Kudos to whom ever picked that song to end my favorite show in recent memory. Plus judging by the lyrics, the use of the song El Paso was also a perfect choice. By the way, that's how you end a TV series, no loose ends to try and figure out, no fade to black. I'll miss that show.
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I agree.

I thought the show's use of music was tactically effective.

Like "Crystal Blue Persuasion" for the time telescope when Walt and Jesse were cooking meth in the fumigated houses and piling up the money.

There was another good tune used when Walt was cooking for Gus in the big lab.
Wow. I love all things BadFinger, so happy they are getting some recognition.
One of my faovrite pop songs of all time, that was a fitting ending soundtrack. And remember, Pete Ham too died by a self inflicted gunshot.
baby blue is arguably the greatest power pop song of all time; aimee mann's version is, to my ears, even better than the original. i just read that according to billboard, after the breaking bad finale, streams of the song increased by 9000% and that the song entered into the top ten on itunes. anyone interested in the band should read their bio "without you," which damn near breaks your heart.
That grand song was perfect for the series and the finale, and also ironic insofar as the tragic fate of singer Pete Ham and the second-tier status of Badfinger back in the day are reflective of Walter White's sad circumstance throughout.
The finale had more than 10 million viewers. I believe the Sopranos had 13 Million.
The first thing I did after the show was You Tube the song. One things for sure, Bryan Cranston nailed that role!
Never saw the show but can't argue with anyone using that song when appropriate. It's a true lesser known classic!
Good choice. Love Badfinger. But a better choice
IMO would have been You Get What You Deserve by the other power poppers Big Star.
I thought it was a pretty good choice. I thought the earlier use of Crystal Blue Persuasion was more right-on-the-button.
"Guess I got what I deserved
Kept you waiting there too long, my love
All that time without a word
Didn't know you'd think that I'd forget or I'd regret
The special love I had for you, my baby blue"

Walter White loved his "baby" meth that is.
My first reaction was reflected in the Rolling Stone article linked above:

The song was really kind to the character because it intimates that, despite all of Walt's horrific behavior, he was always just a chemist at heart. I thought it was a deliberate choice to ignore the "He had it coming lyrics" in favor of "He made his own choices". I neither felt bad for Walt, nor good that justice was done - either of which might have been what I expected. In a weird way, it struck me as a happy ending for the show.