Bada Purer 3.3..any opinions or experience?

I am considering buying this hybrid with swamped out tube upgrades.A new version is on the way the 3.3SE with JAN 6189 tubes which I imagine will need to be swapped to obtain the best sound.I am currently running a Creek Destiny which will be for sale soon.I have PSB Platinum M2 mounted on the larger Tyler Acoustics stands filled with sand plus the, amazing for the money, PSB 5i sub .I have a TRL modded Marantz sa 8001 which is as good as digital gets on the front end IMHO.I use DH Labs for IC and cable( their best stuff ) and a PS Quintet power conditioner with Virtual Dynamics power 3 AC chords which sound good but are really unwieldy to use.I also have two sets Audioprism quietlines .

Any opinions or FB on this amp?
I too am looking for some feedback. I've been all over the web, audio forums/publications, and have found very little. From an engineering standpoint, it looks like a giant killer for the $$. I'm saving up for either the dc-222 or the purer 3.3 (leaning toward the purer 3.3,due to in-efficient spkrs w/complex x-overs.I'm not sure the 90wpc @ 8ohms is enough with the 222. I'm told the newer purer 3.3 will have toshiba pwr transistors. Any word on when it will be released?
Check out they have the new 3.3se available right here on audiogon.
I'm interested in learning more about this unit myself. I watched the video of the SE version on PV&E. I also came across some info in an(Indian HiFi or A/V forum?) that seemed to indicate BADA is OEM for Musical Fidelity. I think I have that right...sorry I didn't think to copy the URL. There is also a 6Moons review about a modifed (APL?) version of the BADA 222. FWIW. There's a passing reference there by the modder that BADA is a gray market clone of (MF?).
I own bada purer 3.3 with combined to kef IQ7 source emotiva ERC-1 and project SM6.1sb with project Tubebox the tubes I used bada is Electro Harmonix 6922EHG super cryoset and the Tubebox Electro Harmonix 12AX7EHG super cryoset and cartridge with project SM6.1SB is grado platinum the interconectors I used straighwire chorusII turntable to tubebox to bada,straighwire encore balance emotiva to bada3.3 monster cable m2.2 speakers I audition my system I hear extension in the highs mids very transparent and authority very clean and fast bass w tightness I listen Diana Krall ( The Look Of Love ) lp reissue it's very enjoyable sound with this combination and I listen CD Ed Mann ( get up ) w emotiva/ bada/kef I listen very quick bass,transparent mods and very extension highs w big soundstage the incredible factor is bada purer 3.3 is very sensivity to describe what happened to record or source I recommended this bird is comparable to $5,000.00 amplifier with all combination is comparable $60,000.00 system with only little less cost like $4,000.00 investment plus cables High Recommend $$$
I received the Bada Purer 3.3se with the upgraded JAN 6189 tubes from Pacific Valve for about 2 weeks and this piece of gear is incredible!

I previously had a Adcom GFP-750 with a Bryston 3BST (which were not bad) but this thing just trumps that combo on every level.
I'm hearing so much more detail and separation of individual instruments it's scary. Huge sound stage and the tube warmth (although not overly soft like Conrad Johnson/Audio Research) along with the silky smooth highs is just sublime. All the things I thought were wrong about my system (digital source, DAC, phono preamp) have me now rethinking the whole system.

It truly is like hearing everything for the first time. Highly recommended.
To all Bada Purer 3.3se owners. Please try HIFI Tuning Suprem fuse in your amp it will bring a big boost its performance. The improvement is quite dramatic. I also put Xtreme cables quicksilver gold contact enhancer on the fuse. The fuse seems to keep improving about every 20 hours of playtime. My unit is at about 110 hours now. Amp seems even more powerful now, wider and deaper soundstage, more detailed and smoother. The fuse just pops out the back under the IEC.