Bada DC-225

Hello everyone!

Just came across the Bada DC-225 while venturing into this new hobby. Does anyone have this integrated receiver? It seems like quite a fair price for 95 watts in Class A. If you do have it, how does it fair against some of the other components you've come across?

I was hoping that perhaps somebody has upgraded from the Bada DC-222 and would have some input on the new model? I know it's rated as Class A for the full 95 watts, but I'd think it'd be much larger to be able to pull this off?
I had the older model and it was an incredibly good value. I replaced it with a $4K tube amp and the Bada really gave up nothing. I would purchase it without hesitation. If I were on a tight budget, I'm pretty sure that would be what I would buy.
Thanks Chayro! It does sound like an incredibly great deal, and I'm even more convinced after watching a demo on Youtube of the components that make up the piece.

I am on a budget, and pretty dizzied by all of the choices for new gear and then finding some nice used gear on Audiogon!
I don't know if any of the Badas are available used, but Pacific Valve is great to deal with and gives you a year warranty. If the thing goes a year without breaking, chances are it's going to last many years. While you're at the site, I would definitely look into the Doge 6 CD player. For $2500 total, you will have an amp/cd combo that will compete easily with systems costing twice as much.
I appreciate it Chayro. Pacific Valve was very responsive on the phone, and by the demo online I can tell that they live and breath this stuff lol. Perhaps I can ask you another question: have you or anyone you know had a chance to listen to the DK Design VS.1 Reference MK II and how would it compare to the Bada? It's been stuck on my mind since I've started this hobby and am pretty torn on this versus the Bada DC-225. The Bada is an exceptional deal for the money, and will more than likely go with it. But there'll always be that lingering thought in the back of my mind saying "what if...."
That lingering thought will always be with you until you realize that there is always something better than what you have. Besides that, "better" is a matter of taste. I never heard the DK, but I enjoyed the Bada very much in my system. Many people I know view audio as a constant source of stress. Always agonizing over this or that. It's no way to go through life. The Bada is a solid amp that will not dissapoint you. I would buy it and worry about the rest of my system.
That's a good point Chayro, I think the Bada will compliment my system tremendously. Thanks again for your input ;)
I have had the BADA 225 for about a year. I replaced a Sunfire amp and passive volume control with the bada. I was amazed by the sound of this amp. It is more detailed and fluid at the same still have plenty of volume to listen to music despite giving up some wattage. I am very satisfied with the bada 225.