BADA DC-222 any good starter mods?

Hey all. I've read a handful of forums that relate to the Bada, seems thats all there is, and I know that I can run with a multitude of tubes and I plan on doing so. But my interest is getting peaked by the other mods that I might be able to do to this thing. When it arrives, hopefully later this week.

First, are there any internal DACs I can use to wire up inside the amp? Or maybe rip a nice one from another amp? Internal isn't so necessary. Just an idea. Second, I've seen quite a few CDPs and amps that have had all kinds of resistors and caps and what not changed out. Anyone know of anything resonable that I can do in regards to this type of modification and where/what I should buy? I'm not exactly a beginner with electronics so if you have specific items that would work, go ahead and list them.

I decided to make my second amp a hybrid and since others use it as a baseline for their mods, I figure it should be worthy of whatever I throw at it. And if I kill it in the mean-time, I'll buy something else. :-) Only reason I didn't buy the Peachtree Nova was that I was trying to get closer to the 100 Watt rating of the Monitor Audio GS10s. Thanks!
See what it uses for coupling caps in the preamp. Probably find Solen. Lousy for coupling. Use polystyrene or teflon. Regards John Dozier
Thanks for the response. I've learned quite a bit about capacitors in the realm of audio since I initially posted this. Judging by the lack of responses at all I imagine few if any actually own this amp, which is fine. I bought it for the platform and because it was cheap and I planned on gutting half of it. Still have plans for it and they certainly include caps, resistors and internal hook up wire at the moment. I think I could gain some kind of benefit from doing just those few things. I have some other ideas in the works but I think they're a little far fetched at the moment. We'll see. If I break it I'll have more of an incentive to upgrade. :)
Start with the coupling caps. Audiocap(Relcap) polyprop and foil are highly thought of and cheap. See Parts Express. The teflons are best but expensive and I think heat mught be a problem with styrenes in tube gear. regards
Thanks for the rec! Much appreciated.
I've got the Bada hybrid headphone amp, insanely good, dynamic sound, responds really well to NOS Sylvanias and RCAs, actually sounds quite good with stock Chinese tubes. My Bada has been hot rodded with Herbies Halo tube dampers, Xtreme AV QuicksilverGold contact enhancer on contacts, IsoClean fuse; the Bada sits on a vibration isolation stand. A XMas Card from PWB Electronics sits on top of the Bada.

Geoff Kait
Machina Dynamica
Geoggkait... I saw the headphone amp the other day sifting through some ebay listings. Seems like a pretty good buy. Haven't seen anyone complain about this (DC222) amp yet. Not like I've seen for higher-end amps, at least. Headphone amps included.

I may just stick with it and upgrade the amp itself. If someone is willing to spend $5k on this thing with some upgrades then it must be a good enough platform to keep up with the high-end gear. I'll take my chances. I've been pouring over capacitors for a week now trying to decide which make I want to go with. I know I want to re-wire the internals and re-solder everything possible with the silver type solder. I was told to leave the power supply alone and all the related wire by a tech. Probably a good idea. I'd like to try out some NOS tubes but unsure how spending $300-400 on a matched quad will impact the sound. I guess time will tell.