BADA DAC 1 Connection Question

Hi all,

I'm thinking of getting the Berkeley Alpha DAC 1, used, but have a quick question. Gonna use it as my preamp, and my sources are these:

Oppo BDP 95, which I can connect via toslink to the BADA,

Sonore Music Server, which can only go coax into the BADA,

Here's my question-- in a perfect world, I'd like to hook my cable box to the DAC for stereo movie watching, but my box has only analog and optical-- the BADA's optical will already be taken, and the only remaining input is an AES.

Suggestions on how to get all of my sources into these available inputs? Are there adaptors I'm not aware of?


AFAIK you can't go unbalanced -> balanced with a simple adapter, so one of the three transports would have to have a balanced output.

Short of changing your components, you could connect your TV to the BADA via TOSlink and connect the Oppo and the cable box to the TV, but that would be a wasted use of your Oppo, unless you're just interested in it for the video quality.